How to Dye Sublimate Ceramic Tile

Heat Press Settings (6 tiles)


400° F.
Time : 7 minutes and 40 seconds
Pressure : Light – Medium

Step 1

Prepare your artwork and transfer with consideration to the size of the of the ceramic tile. Always leave a small amount of overlap for the image so that it will wrap round the curved edges of the tile.  

Step 2

Place the transfer face up on your felt pad. Take note that the hard rubber that presses ship with sometimes are too hard and do not allow the tile to sink in properly therefore not wrapping the transfer round the edges of the tile. It is very advantageous to create yourself as softer base as possible which in turn cuts down on breakages and wraps the transfer to the tile

Place the tiles one by one face down on the transferuntil they are all laid out like the examples below

Step 3

Cover the tile and transfer with teflon sheet (or white paper).

Step 4

Press for about 560 seconds. This is using our coated tiles.
If you are using thinner Chineese coated tiles the coatings are not as
durable as ours and will burn so you will need to lower the time somewhat.

Step 4

Remove the tile from the press one by one using a pair of oven gloves.
Take care not to bang the tiles together when still hot as sublimation tiles
are vunerable to chipping when hot.

Allow to cool on a clean surface.

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